The top-selling power strips in US 2019

When it comes to choosing a power strip or a surge protector it is always better to look at the top products first, hence, getting review best power strip is important. There are so many offerings on the market and choosing the best might be complex, but we do our best to find the best products in terms of the price, quality, protection provided and functionality. This article will be nothing but our own opinion, so we hope very much that it is going to be appreciated by customers of our online store.

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Review top 5 Power Strip

Whilst creating out top five list, it is important to point out that tools like power strips getting dated over the time and can suffer from wear and tear, so we include in our list only the latest models that are currently in production. The products range in its prices and purposes, which we thing are the best in their category. Therefore, it can be regarded as decent help to our buyers what can be chosen in particular category. Here is the list: 

  1. Anker 6 outlets, 4 USB ports power strip/Surge protector. This is a very unique power strip and regarded to be as one of the best available on the market today. It has a squire shape with the outlets located opposite from one to another. It is compact and very flat, so it is very stable and lies well on the surface. The pace between the outlets allows sticking large adaptors in as well as 3.1A charge will ensure very quick charge for any gadget that is connected via USB. It looks great and very functional. Its configuration is classical but clearly the best in the business.
  2. Tripp light protect. This is the best travel power strip search protector available on the market today. It is very compact, light, functional and has the function of surge protector. It has squire shape with one of the outlets located at the very bottom of the front; hence the bottom is a little bit rounded. The other two outlets are located on the sides of the protector giving three places to plug in in total. Two USB ports are located at the top of the front side and enable 3.0A quick charging. It is ideal for mobile office when a laptop, mobile printer, speakers, a smart phone and smart watch has to be connected at the same time. It is beautiful and this is why it occupies the second place in our review best power strip.
  3. Bestek 8 Way Surge Protector Tower. This is a very attractive medium priced smart protector with impeccable design and configuration. It has 8 electricity outlets and 6 USB ports. The product also has an extended cable so it can reach any place in your house with ease. It offers 1500 joules surge protection that allows being confident when energy spikes and harmful voltage fluctuation occurs. It ensures 2.4A quick charge via USB ports. The item is ideal for home office or ordinary office use. It also offers circuit protection, overload protection, protection when temperature runs too high as well as over current protective features. It looks great and it automatically cuts off the electricity supply to devices that are not in use for a long time, therefore provides electricity savings.
  4. Belkin E-series 4 plugs surge protector. This is a very simple tool that can offer the minimum what an ordinary buyer wants to be used at home. It is also a very cheap device that costs only around 7 dollars, which makes it a perfect buy that provides exceptional value for money and quality. It has 4 outlets located in a classical row style. The power strip is white and has surge protection feature. It has 238 joules rating, which is just enough to satisfy basic needs. 1 meter cable will be ideal to locate it next to a socket and connect devices that stand nearby.
  5. Wi-Fi Power strip. This is a budget smart power strop with surge protector function. It has three ordinary plugs and four USB charging ports. It switches on and off automatically, has voice control function. It enables 2.4A charging and apart from switching off automatically if plugged devices are not used, it can be controlled remotely from a smart phone via use of application. This is an absolutely unique product that costs less than twenty dollars, which is an absolute bargain! 


When it comes to choosing the best products in the area of power strips, our review best power strip contains only the top items that have unique features, offer the best quality, functionality or provide the best value for money. We hope that the list that has been made will help you to choose ideal product for you. We tried to explain everything in a very simple and easy to understand manner, so that our customers will share mutual opinion on most of the products that we listed. We wish you wonderful shopping at out online store where the items can be found!


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